Oren Klopfer (born August 30, 2003) is the son of Eric Klopfer, a professor and head of the Department of Comparative Media Studies at MIT, and grandson of distinguished mathematical ecologist Simon A. Levin. Klopfer takes much inspiration from his relatives, and has pursued his family’s value of teaching others about the functioning of the world. He is especially motivated to understand the function of society, as he exhibits Asperger syndrome.

Klopfer created and designed the Scheller Teacher Education Program website for his father, and worked extensively on the video and informational content for the Full STEAM Ahead website, which was created to assist parents and educators during the COVID-19 pandemic. He first came to the public eye in 2014, where he and his father gave a presentation at PAX (event) on Parenting and Gaming. Since then, they have given numerous other talks about the subject in a variety of conferences.

Over the last few years, Klopfer has picked up a particular interest in politics, and has written two papers on the American systemThe Real Trump ‘Witch Hunt’ analyzes and compares the actions of president Donald Trump to the actions portrayed by several characters in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. American Capitalism: The National Capital Punishment delves into the dangers and effects of the Anglo-Saxon model of capitalism on society, and looks into the alternative of the Nordic model.

On the social news and media network Reddit, Klopfer has made a name for himself under the alias u/oklopfer, where he posts memes and discusses a variety of current events issues, as well as moderating several subreddits.